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UPDATE on International Shipping: 

A lot of our international customers have reached out with issues regarding delays with shipping.  We have reached out to USPS several times to try and understand why packages are being held in Hayward, California, for extended periods of time (from 1-4 weeks) before being sent overseas.  This is what we know:

- USPS made several changes to policy at the start of COVID-19 lockdowns

- Increased online sales worldwide have multiplied the number of packages in the mail system, while USPS continues to be under-staffed. 

- US Customs (in Hayward, CA) can hold packages up to 2 MONTHS without notifying the sender or recipient.

- We have no control of the package after it is shipped.  USPS and US Customs are unresponsive when issues arise from extended delays.  

- Every time we call to resolve and issue, they say to "keep an eye on the tracking" and just keep waiting.  We know it's frustrating for you because it's just as frustrating for us.  We want your package to arrive quickly.

Thank you for your patience as we look for new ways forward.

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